Why Maldives people ask me?

Comparing other destinations of Sun, Sea and sand; Maldives is a destination I have truly had the blessing of experiencing its virtues.
Very often people question what is special in the Maldives other destination do not have. What do we seek in our vacation memorable, fun and better yet an escape from our lives our own castaway; breaking free from stress, tired life, busy life, the worries we carry that would be more like the blunt truth our distraction.
Has anyone wondered on a business perspective why in the small islands all international brands globally come together in one country? Where else does this heaven of luxury exist? Why fashion brands open resorts as franchise in the Maldives?
Yes there is the obvious that Maldives has to offer the luxury, pampering, the tropical weather, sun, the clear blue waters, coral and the breathtaking marine life that is always stated and emphasized on.
Maldives is a seclusion destination, a switch off destination, an escape destination. The aura of Maldives is such that you truly emotionally and mentally disconnect from worldly worries. A destination you feel your honeymoon is endless, your family vacation is fun filled like the whole island is your playground. Your worries, stress and busy life takes a sink. This is neither a party destination nor a shopping fiesta. It’s your solitude.
Maldives is where a vacation is not complex, a destination that spells vacation away from home, stress, work the perfect getaway and one of the few destination where it is on arrival visa for 30 days for the whole world. The time your truly disconnect from the world and you concentrate on the people you share your journey with.
That is why Maldives is special! Maldives is your Robinson Crusoe experience, your escape, your family time and your never ending honeymoon.

Liswith Obinamuni

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It all makes sense now. 😀

  2. 🙂 Thanks whole point of a Holiday is to disconnect from the everyday misery and stress Maldives truly does offer that 🙂

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