A curse they tell he is,
A seeker of the dark,
The dweller of the past,
The ghost that haunts his soul,

His fears consume him,
His past haunts him,
His smile is dresses him,
His mind slowly kills him,

He hurts them closest to him,
They say he brings the worst in them,
Leech off the happiness of souls,
He constantly angers them,
Makes the detest him to the core,

What future does exist for him?
Will he battle his fears?
Will he finally move on one day?
Will he understand forgiveness?
Not dwell in his past fears,
Will one day he not be afraid to see the light,
Will one day he lets himself be happy,
With his conscience asking him is that the illusion of light,

I hope he finds his peace,
I hope he seeks light,
I hope he finds happiness,
Finally moves on in his life.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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