Dear Unobtainable

To the unobtainable,
I write to a dream unfulfilled,
To a beauty incomparable,
To a storm untameable,
To feelings stirred,
To the untouchable,

The smile she gives me,
That rush of life that I feel,
The attraction to just hold her,
Consume everything of her that is real,

That jealousy she arouses,
The envy she creates,
That teasing of not having,
That confusion that runs wild,

That hate she proclaims,
That win she seeks,
That emotional stir she makes,
The everything feels intensely real,

The princess he treats her,
The Queen she is to be,
That fear of losing her,
That hope he constantly,

That wishful ambition,
That wish of her happiness above all,
That commitment to her smile,
That amazement sets him whole,

She is his muse,
His addiction,
She is his storm,

His princess
His storm,
His happiness above all.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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