Guardian Angel

His animal ways,
His anger ways,
His demons,
His fears,
His tantrums,

He needs her more.
She keeps him sane,
She calms his inner demons,

He hurts her more,
He haunts her more,
He makes her cry each moment,

He shares his day,
He shares his fears,
He shares his inner demons,

He tells he is in sorrow,
He tells he is insecure,
He tells he is in angry,
Each moment,

She inspires him so,
She guides him so,
She guards him each moment,

She loves unconditionally,
She care unconditionally,
She make him see light,
Each awakening moment,

She is the guardian,
The animal seeks,
The light,
To his very own darkness,

She is that unanswered prayer,
That he always seeks,
That miracle,
He never thought would be answered.

He is grateful for her,
He is thankful for her,
He knows he’s blessed each moment,
He wants to make her proud each living moment.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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