Let’s Kick away the lil doubts we ponder about the Maldives

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and Male city (Capital) why do I have to take a boat to travel to the city? Can’t I take a cab?
Sorry they are two different islands with the sea connecting them, currently there is not mode of land Transportation either it would be Speedboat or Dhoni.

What is a Dhoni?
Yes it is a boat, a Dhivehi word you shall hear in the Maldives.

Yes most resorts is one private island or two private islands connected by a bridge, yes it has no connecting roads to a city; unless they are city hotels.

Mode of transports within resorts, Can I have a private car?
Usually it is walking, but some resorts have bicycles and buggy services available.

Is the usage of USD possible anywhere in the Maldives May it be a resort or a city?
Yes you can pay in dollars in the Maldives anywhere they do accept.

Can I tag along my dog on my Holiday?
Sorry Ladies this is not possible in the Maldives

Why can’t a seaplane operate 24H?
Because they cannot operate due to strong winds, rain or when there is no day light due to the Engineering model of the plane.

Liswith Obinamuni


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