It’s media we scold,
It’s governments we blame,
It’s society we frown upon,
It’s social media we post the hate,

It’s us that feed the media on trends,
It’s us that chose unwisely our leaders,
Its us that set rules for society,
Its us that glorify the inhumanity of the world,

Do we feed the rapists glory?
Do we feed the brainless gossip?
Do we PR inhumanity?
Do we call us above animals?

Can we publicize the good,
The vaccines found,
The children that are fed,
The nation’s that are built on humanity ,
The heroes who fight the daily battle,
Share a hero to the world each day,
Encourage a hero to be built each day,
Can we publicize the humanity to save our future,

Be wise on what you share so freely,
What is spoken during a smoke,
What you bring home to your dinner table,
What examples we set,

We create demons,
We encourage animals,
It’s us that publicize the evil,
It’s us that should be held responsible.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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