Fear is a beat,
A beat in-between two beats,
Fear a thrill before the best times,
Fear a hold back from yourself,
Fear an unexplained trauma,
Fear a past unforgotten,
Fear a paranoid instinct,
Fear a base primeval instinct,

Fear a first day in school we feel,
Fear a taxi drive by and honk we feel,
Fear a first kiss we feel,
Fear in a confined space we feel
Fear a paranoia of a loved one not answering we feel,

The question we might never answer,
A fear a hold back or a shield?
A curse or a blessing?
A human unexplained emotion,
Or a failure labeling method,
When we can’t find an escape,

Fear we should embrace,
Fear we should overcome,
Fear a start from which all our good memories to come.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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