The Maldives over Water Experience

Maldives as the world calls it is famous for its Villas on stilts. Yes Villas built in the lagoon or in the ocean of the respective Resort Island. Fascinating isn’t it? Access to the ocean, the turquoise waters they speak of, the coral you dream of, and the Nemos you are longing to find.

Here are a few names they are known by: water bungalow, water villas, lagoon villas, ocean villas, ocean studios, InOcean villas.
Maldives is one of the destinations that specializes in this unique villa form.

Why choose an over water villa?
It is customarily for adults, and mainly focused on couples.

Why Couples?
Because over water villas offer the luxury of peace and solitude.

Is it suitable for Children?
Yes some do accommodate children above a certain age in certain resorts. This would be accommodated only if a waiver form is signed by parents. Preferably not recommended for children due to safety reasons.

From the resort how do I get to my over water villa, if it is built on top of water?
Some resorts have a bridge that connects the over water villas to the main island. Some resorts have stand-alone villas built in the middle of the ocean, this they would provide a boat to access in and out of your respective villa.

Tips about a small slice of haven!



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