Waiting on You

Today I feel nothing but sadness,
Knowing you’re not around,
Today I feel nothing but guilty,
Knowing that I’m not around,

I feel happiness for you,
For the things you have unsaid and I heard,
I feel happiness for your journey,
To the happiness you’re bound,
I feel great pride for you,
You silently inspire me each day,

Today I’ll say something I always meant to say,
I secretly watch you to calm myself down,
I wish I had hugged you and said your an angel I found,
I rely on your smile to break my anger,
I wait on your posts to find my wisdom,

Think not you say,
Think easy very easy,
Lose myself not you say,
I’ll miss myself one day,

To me your much greater,
To me you came as a blessing,
To me I don’t know who you are,
To me my Muse my happiness my blessing.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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