Is the Maldives only a Honeymoon destination? What about families?

Yes Maldives is ideal for Honeymooners and couples.
Is it ideal for families as well? Will the kids have fun? Can even teens enjoy?
Yes Maldives is not only a couple’s getaway, but a Robinson Crusoe expedition for your family too.
Maldives resorts, are equipped with kid’s club, kid’s pools, and teen entertainment; such as PS4s and Xboxes.
Kid’s clubs in the Maldives are action packed. Every Kid’s club has daily activities to keep your kids super engaged and to gain a learning experience too. Group activities such as cooking, snorkeling and teaching of the Maldives marine life are amongst a few of them.
If your family is traveling with your toddler, yes resorts do provide babysitting services.
Wait you might think if the Maldives is so famous for Honeymooners, will the rooms only be able to accommodate two people? Will my kids have enough space? Will they provide extra beds? What about a cot for my baby?
It’s a YES to all of the above. They do have two bedroom categories, some even three and even four. Do not worry of your kids bedding or meals, resorts are well equipped to handle it all.
Next time you are thinking of an escape with your family, do not second guess that haven Maldives.
It too should be a part of your travel bucket list.



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