Removing the word CHEAP

Cheap is something you see mostly used in current day and age right opposite the words; travel, holiday or vacation.

Is this form of writing, marketing, and advertising suitable?

No, as a person of the travel trade I find it really bad this word is used and popularly over used.
The word cheap, does this bring value into marketing? No I don’t believe so.

“Cheap” when you use it with the word holiday; this makes the destination degraded.
As a person who sells destinations this is a ruin of my dream, and the ruin of another traveler dream using the word cheap on his/her dream vacation.
Travelers when you go on your holiday do you like the word Cheap to appear first, I personally find it disrespectful as a person hearing it.

How can we exchange the use of that term? Using of such words and phrases like; budget & value for money.

Does the above seem awkward to hear NO I don’t think so at all; it states you have a specific budget for the holiday, and you require the best service for your holiday budget as planned!
Next time not avoid, do not use the term CHEAP.



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