Dear Valentine

Boo hoo,
To you loner,
Boo hoo,
I say,
To the unloved,
The cursed,
The one who screams,
I have not made feel special any way,

To that one,
Who cared for you like no other,
Encouraged you when you felt lost,
Showed you light within the darkness,
Made your sickness to their make them your nurse,
Made your battles to faced like a warrior,

This is to the ones,
That stood tall,
Who encouraged you above all,
Loved you not less,
Embraced you and held on,

This is to your selfish needs,
To the smile and walking away,
To the long silent moments,
To the friend zone you made,

No your no loner,
Just an idiots in every way,
Just selfish for you smiles,
Just too blinded to see the perfect,
When you did have it one day.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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