Teen Love

Teen love is always fancy,
It’s glamorous to the core,
It’s made of impressing,
It’s like a peacock show,
It exciting, wild, and eventful,

It’s a weird sacrifice,
A perfect show,
An elegant approach,
And so much comprise,

It a adventurous hunt,
An an unimaginable heist,
Heist of an ego,
Heist of a heart,

Little do they know,
Off stage there is no acting,
Once won its a curtain close,
True people come alive,

Did you fall for the actor,
Or the show,
Was it the drama,
And the person off stage you didn’t know,

It is when they are comfortable,
The true people come to bay,
The Romeo Juliet phase,
The him and her phase,
It’s a tricky adventure life gives,

Teen love you are deceiving,
Eventful none the less,
Elegant no doubt,
Tender and confusing none the less.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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