It’s when you meet your demons again,
It’s when they come knocking,
It’s when you hear them march,

It’s when you welcome them to your dreams,
That knowing it is going to be a nightmare,
It’s when they crawl to your idle mind,

It’s when they whisper you to take your life,
It is when they ask if the pain is worth it,
They question next time you fall will you get up,

Are they living under your bed?
Or dormant in your mind,
Do they activate on your fears?
Or is it your happiness they feed on?

Demons are real,
What they whisper is horrific,
Once in a way you need a Constantine,
You need a grasp to that shiny light,

This is to my demons I’m saying hi,
I fear you today,
When I’m idle,
When I’m happy,
When I reminisce my past,

I’m going keep coming at you,
Till I make,
Or sweetheart,
Till I break.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

Art credits : Dhyresh Mendis


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