Non sharer 101

To the non sharers,
To the labeled stuck ups,
Little do people understand privacy,
Little do people understand respect,
Little will they understand it’s a life battle each day,

Non sharing is skill,
An acquired skill if you ask,
It’s owned by the emotional,
It’s used by the sensitive,
It’s grown with life experience,
Watered by people,
And used by you,

Non sharing is used by the fragile,
Used by those that are screwed over,
Those who have been betrayed,
Misunderstood by their loved ones,
Judged by their own,

This is not inherent,
It is acquired,
Life teaches you lessons,
Non sharing been one,

You make a non sharer,
When your family misunderstands you,
When your loved one betrays you,
When you friends back-stabs you,
When society slaps you as a misfit,

Next time don’t ask to open up,
Knowing people like you are the cause,
Your opinion is yours,
Others life battls is not your public forum,
Learn respect,
Learn boundaries,
Learn most importantly to be Human.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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