Heaven or Hell ?

Hell they say is the worst place to be,
And heaven they say the best,
Heaven and hell is just a perception,
We all live it each day,

A tale I shall tell you inspired my life,
This tale is of heaven and hell,
This tale is of a saint not a sinner,
This tale is life changing at best,

Paul at the pearly gate was asked,
Heaven or will it be hell?
Paul pondered he replied,
Can I check and decide,
Sure the gate keeper said,

First visit he made to hell itself,
It was dinner time fine dine at its best,
As they sat across each other,
Dinner table was a wide luxurious spread,
Long fork and spoon tied to each arm,
Movement or eating was a mess,

Next to heaven Paul requested,
Dinner time and same table spread,
He was shocked to see long fork and spoon tied to each arm,
No difference from that hell,

What he saw shocked his mind,
One member fed who was across and not themselves,
He thought a while the miracle he observed,
No change of grounds just change of minds,
And not the rest,

He said to the gatekeeper,
Hell it is my sir,
That is my choice
I shall inflict change in the rest.

I leave you with a tale,
A story I heard,
A realization nonetheless.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™


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