Doctor – Patient

They are reliable because they care,
They are reliable because they know, 
They are pillars because they know loss,
They push your career because they value,
They care because they understand been alone,
They never let you feel helpless because they understand depression, 
You use them as a rug because your selfish,
You make use of their kindness because your inhuman, 
You take advantage of them because you don’t know to care, 
You push their patience as a test of their relationship, 
You make them smile be by you even if they are, 
Because you are an ass, 
They with maturity acquire one skill, 
Doctor patient relationship as I say, 
Analyze fix walk away, 
They understand they are the rug, 
They understand your focus 
They observe your purpose, 
They analyze fix walk away, 
They will help many selfish along the way, 
Not for a hi, 
Not for a thank you, 
Not for gratitude, 
It’s just because they can, 
Because they know you never would respond human.
Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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