Maldives Foodgasm

Maldives is not only surfing, honeymooning, and diving! To all you travel addicts up for new experiences, Maldives is a great cuisine destination too.

Yes I am going to reveal the big truth, Maldives is a foodies destination.

I know all of you may know have heard Maldives owns underwater restaurants; yes they do exist, yes Maldives has them.

Maldives has a collection of world renowned chefs, along with a collection of Michelin superstars that are a part of this great Maldives attraction.

Wait doesn’t Maldives has Maldivian food? YES they do.

What other cuisines are spread out in the Maldives? You have the Thai, Italian, Japanese, Asian fusion, wait it goes on to South American and African as well.

If you seek, you can get a creative end to your palate, the Michelin chefs have lined up some unique trademark dishes just for you.

On a very personal experience I have certain food allergies, which with age I grew out of. With age still the smell or the mention of the food nauseated me.
I went a bit daredevil once, to try dishes that consisted of my old allergies. Knowing it would take a toll on me, not due to allergies, but that my taste buds would instantly reject them; I rose up to the challenge.
I went through several dishes to which I thought I would have a rough ride, but fell madly deeply in love with each bite I took.

Maldives you made me fall in love with great cuisines all over again!

Next time you think Maldives, think Fooooooooodddddddd………….

By : Liswith Obinamuni


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